Thursday, March 31, 2011

Episode 8: The Anniversary of the Eiffel Tower

Welcome to Episode 8! Lots of works in progress, a few finished objects, and little bit of babbling about not having a job...

** Unfortunately, iMovie did not like my video much this week. It is skipping, and I can't fix it. I think I have fixed the problem for next week, but until then.... Sorry. **

The dishcloth that I made this week is Hob Nail Dish/Wash Cloth by Hakucho, which is the same designer as the Circle Dishcloth that I frogged last week (I will make it one day!). Beautiful patterns--check them out!

My felting project is an adaptation from Felted Cable Bag #143. I cast on 150 and did *Pattern A, knit (purl) 18, Pattern B* three times. I worked 110 rows, which turned out to be a little short, but more on that next week! (Live and learn--that's what I'm all about!)

Special thank you to my itunes reviewers: Didomum, Knitamaniac, and LexNulla. I truly appreciate your support!!


  1. Hi, Just make sure when you pick up your knitting that the yarn is hanging on the right hand side and you'll be on the correct side to continue. It will become automatic once you have knit long enough.

    I'm a 'thrower' (english) so its logical for me to make sure the yarn is on the right. Even if you 'pick' (continental), a stitch (knit or purl) is moved from the left needle to the right needle, that means the last stitch made is sitting in the right hand needle, therefore that is where the yarn should be to contine. As you have found, if its on the left hand side, you end up knitting the same piece of work over again (and create a hole because the yarn is no longer creating continuous loops along the row). This is called a 'short row' and is a valid technique such as for creating a ruffle or shaping an area of your knitting. But that's a whole other conversation :)

    Hope that makes sense.

    Good luck with your knitting.

  2. The video seems to be jumping a lot - like it starts and stops every few seconds. Not being someone who makes videos, I don't know what is causing this but it's really distracting. I like your washcloth - I think I'll try that pattern because I enjoy making lots of washcloths for my older kids who have their own apartments now.


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