Thursday, March 17, 2011

Episode 7: Happy St Paddy's Day!

This episode is short and sweet. I only have one FO and a few WIPS.

Circle Cloth by Hakucho in Peaches and Cream

Special Mention:
Fantasy Dishcloth by Knitting Magic Girl


  1. I like that dishcloth pattern! I'll have to try that one I really like knitting the ball band one as well.

  2. Thank you! It is a very easy knit. I have a lot of Sugar n Cream, so I think I'll be doing a lot more dishcloths!

  3. I'm going to have to check out that dishcloth pattern. :D The felted blanket thing sounds like a good idea too, but it may take you a really long time to knit it and could be pretty expensive to knit it as well. Unless you find large amounts of inexpensive wool (it needs to be at least 80% - though I'm more comfortable with 100% just so there's no chance of it not felting enough) and hold maybe two strands together and knit it on big needles...hmmmm...if you do make the blanket, I can't wait to see it. Because if it works I might actually have to make one for my dogs to lay on.


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