Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Episode 6: Barbie's Birthday

In this episode, you'll see some FOs, some WIPs, and a couple of reviews: The Knitter's Book of Yarn and the French film Tell No One. I also bragged about a present from one of my viewers!

Show Notes:

Ipod carrier--by me.
Basic toe up Socks by Liat Gat

Big Boss Man Socks by Rebecca Mercier made with Kiruna 515.
Flutter-by-Socks by Shannon Robaline made with Happy Feet #20.
Mystery Felted Purse thingy!

French Vanilla Sheep
Magnetic Row Counters



  1. Good show Mari. I got the Knitters Book of Yarn from the library last week and haven't yet opened it but you convinced me that this is the one to read next. Do you sew? There are great tutorials out there for accessories that will help you organize your needles.
    This would be excellent for the circs
    if you'd rather knit one
    all found here

    Thanks for the mention, I am glad you watch my podcast.

  2. Hi Mari!
    Fantastic episode. WOW a swift, I'm jealous!
    You had a fantastic mail day for sure. That sheep soap is adorable!
    I used to watch Quantum Leap when it was on TV way back in the day. I loved that show!
    I put Tell No One on my Netflix and I'll be sure to watch it later. Thanks for the suggestion.
    I always just keep my needles in the little baggie type things they come in. Like the addi turbos come in the ziplock type bag and I keep them in there because it has the size on the bag etc. I know some people use little baby food jars to store their dpns in.

  3. No, Liz, I don't sew. I fought knitting for quite awhile, and I'm holding out on sewing a little while longer--My mom was very crafty, and I used to hate it! LOL
    I think my Aunt-In-Law is gifting me a sewing machine because she thinks I'd be good at it, so I guess that'll be my next endeavor.

    Sue- I have thrown away the baggies. That is how I roll: I get excited and lose that packaging!! I hope you love Tell No One as much as I did

  4. The guy in the movie who plays Alexandre looks a lot like Dustin Hoffman!

  5. So glad that knitting has become your addiction,like so many of us:o) As for how to store your circs? Well if you're like me i'd rather spend my money on yarn and books or mags that have patterns than a storage thingy,so i made my own and they work perfect, for me that is.I got "freezer bags" qt. size(where they sale sandwich baggies)and poked a hole on the corner rt below the ziplock seal with a larger knitting needle. I wrote needle size and cable length on frnt label on bag.Then organized numerically,or however you wish.Threaded a needle with yarn and pulled through the holes at corners of all the bags and tied loosely so they can be flipped through.You can then hang them by the yarn onto a hook or whatever or store in a drawer or bag for easy use.The good thing is if the plastic bag wears out or needles eventually punch thru you can very in expenively replace. Hope this helps....mimakelly:o)

  6. I love the freezer bag idea! I already use freezer bags as "project bags," so I might as well continue with the theme!!

  7. I second kelly's idea. I don't have a lot of different cable lengths for each size, so I store all the same needle size in one bag, including dpns. I put an individual binder ring through each bag and then hang them all on a sturdy wooden clothes hanger in the closet where I store my yarn. The bags are easy to remove from the hanger when I need them, and the whole storage system is out of the way but easily accessible. I also have a bag on there for stitch markers and other notions that aren't currently being used.

  8. Three ideas for your circular needles. #1-ask your local yarn store if they have circular needle holders. #2- go to a craft store like Michaels, they might have needle organizers but maybe one of those craft containers (sort of looks like a plastic toolbox) and possibly some envelopes in which you can mark the needle size on. Or #3- go to, type in circular needles and you can choose from circular needle cases or organizers. The Barbie vidcast is the first vid I have seen from you and I love it already!

  9. Thank you, I'm so glad y'all have come! I think I'm going to try plastic bags because it is cheap and orderly!!


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