Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Episode 9: Mobile Edition

Here is a short episode showing off my felted cushion cover. ;I tried to edit a little bit.


  1. I thought you were crazy for wanting to felt cushion covers for your sofa... that's a LOT of knitting! I like felting, but so far I've stuck to little things like bags and embellishments. You just dive right in, though, and I definitely like that about you. :-) I think your finished cover looks nice. I do find that stockinette stitch always tends to shrink more in length than width. I try to do a large gauge swatch and felt it to see how it will behave before I start my projects.

    Hope y'all weathered yesterday's storms okay.

  2. Honestly, I still think I might be a little crazy--when I think of the whole couch and the work I've done not even going towards that goal! But, I like the end result, so that is what matters!!

    My swatch DID shrink more in length than width, but nothing compared to the final product. I know better what to expect now, though! I cast on 120 instead of 150 for the next cushion cover. I don't have cables on the end that can get tucked under. I'm not sure why THAT didn't occur to me!!

    We survived the storms--it was right at pick up time for the kids, so that was a bit...hairy. But, we made it!

    Thanks for your thoughts, and thanks for watching!!


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