Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Works In Progress Wednesday

I'm super late to the party. It is 11:48pm, so technically, this CAN be a Wednesday post!! Tami hosts Works in Progress Wednesdays. Stop by her blog and take a look at some wonderful knitting projects. I want to cast on EVERYTHING!!

I'm just going to post two pictures today. I'm working on my Tina's Skirt that I showed y'all last week, but since the pattern repeats the length of the skirt, it is hard to tell there is much progress, so I'll wait until I have a "wow" moment to show! My Halloween socks are coming along quite nicely! I've decided to switch patterns-Liat has a new faux short row heel pattern and a knit-a-long going on through her blog, so I'm participating with that-as well as the other two KALS I mentioned last week: Just One More Row and Knitabulls podcasts.

I started a new project too. One of my friends asked me to make a baby hat for a baby shower she will be attending. The due date isn't until February, but I was itching to cast it on! Slightly Twisted Baby Hat by Lara Neel has a unique cuff. It is has a twisted garter edge before you do the ribbing. Knit 5 rows of garter (or is that 2 and a half??) then twist every 4 stitches around the 5 rows as you are knitting a stockinette row. I'm not explaining it very well, but you can check out the tutorial here. (click to download the pdf--the audio of Math4Knitters is an oldie but goodie as well!) It is kind of fun, now that I understand what I was doing!

Thanks for stopping by! I'd love to read your comments. :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Episode 29

Lessons I'm Learning/WIPs

My Halloween Socks- Faux Heel Flap by liatmgat.  I dyed the yarn, which I called Lock, Shock, and Barrel.  I have not put it up for sale (yet?) but if you would like some, just let me know--I'd love to dye some up for you!
*Just One More Row podcast
*Knitabulls podcast
*Traveling Sock Knitter podcast
*Knitfreedom Ravelry group
My Tina Skirt by Tina Marrin.  Yarn is Plymouth Yarn's Baby Bunny

Final Exam/FOs
random little scarves and hats for my new etsy shop:, George Sock Monkey pattern by Alejandra Quiroz

Lemonade Stand/stuff from my shop!
Lock, Shock, and Barrel spinning fiber from The Nightmare Before Christmas Series, 100% superwash merino
Sally spinning fiber from The Nightmare Before Christmas Series, 100% superwash merino
Chicken small project bag
*KnittinWolfe from Wolfe Farms Podcast

Journal Entries/All about Me
Zeah killed me with Moss Rock Socks by Debbie O'Neill with Artist's Palette Yarns Smoothie Sock

New Friends/Podcasts of Interest
As We Knit by Rebecca Jones
and Just Another Bay Area Knitting Podcast (Jabak) by TopHat

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WIPs Wednesdays-Talk like a Pirate Day

It has been a long time since I've participated, but I love admiring all of the beautiful projects, so here's my contribution to Works in Progress Wednesdays. If you want to join in, just post your link to Tami's website.  Or, if you just want to put a picture in my comments--that'd be fun too!

Here goes:
My Halloween Socks:  Plain Toe Up, Two at a Time Socks on Magic Loop-pattern from Liat.  Yarn is called Lock, Shock, and Barrell Stripes by Spartickes Dyes.(that's me!!) It is a double dipper KAL from Diane of the Knitabulls Podcast and Brittany & Dana.of the Just One More Row Podcast.
Halloween Stripes

I'm also working on my Tina's Skirt for the The Lemknitcrochet Podcast.  She has a FATT (finish all the things) KALCAL going on right now.  I started this skirt August 4, 2011.  It is from Plymouth Yarn's Baby Bunny, color 204.

Mari's Tina's Skirt

My Favorite Scarf Ever is also from the FATT KALCAL.  I started it June 15, 2011.  It is made from Socks that Rock, but I don't remember the colorway.
My Scarf that Rocks
  And finally, what should actually be first is last for some odd reason.  I'm doing Sock Sniper, which started September 1, 2012.  I love the pattern and the yarn.  I'm not sure why they are taking me so long to finish!!  The pattern is Struttin in Searsucker and the yarn is Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love, also by Spartickes Dyes. They are toe up with a short row heel.  This pattern offers Toe Up or Top Down as well as Gussett or Short Row Heels.  How cool is that?!
Sniper Socks

Thanks for stopping by!  I'll do a proper podcast on Friday-sorry I missed this past week.  I'd say I was working on my Sniper Socks, but then they'd be done by now if that were true!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Episode 28 (not 27) Rock Band

This episode is a little bit different! I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!  Check out Another Crafty Girl to see the amazing Elmo colorway that I giveaway this episode-as well as her beautiful Portal colorways!

Please visit my shop: Spartickes Dyes and my Ravelry Group: Exchange Student in Fiberland!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Episode 27 The Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Lessons I'm Learning/Works in Progress
KnitFreedom Fair Isle Knitting e-book.  I'm making the bag into a basket!
The Sock Sniper socks are made out of my own hand-dyed 100% merino, which is not available for purchase, but I do have other hand-dyed yarn available at SpartickesDyes.  The pattern is called Struttin in Seersucker by SarahBess.  It is a great pattern that is available in toe up or cuff down and heel flap or short row, which is super cool!  SarahBess is the coordinator of Sock Sniper, which is a knitting competition to raise money for Doctors without Borders.

Final Exam/Finished Object
Spring Buds Fingerless Mitts by Robin Currier.  It is also made with my own hand-dyed yarn, which is not available for purchase--I know, mean, right?

Make sure you enter to win a beautiful skein of yarn from AnotherCraftyGirl.  She has such amazing yarn.  I love it all so much!

Tickle by Tempted is 100% merino in her Sly Grrl base.  I can't wait to use it!!!
Pirates of the Carrot Penis by Etherial Fibers.  Friend her on plurk so you can get her update previews!!

Lemonade Stand/Spartickes Dyes
Today, I showed off some project bags and a cool zippered notions bag from Spartickes Dyes.  I'm happy to do custom orders (bags and yarn), so just let me know! 

I hope I didn't miss anything.  I left the paper version of my shownotes upstairs, and I can't be wasting time by running up to get them.  I've got socks to knit!  If I did, just contact me, and I'll fill you in on the details!

Thanks for watching!!

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