Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Works In Progress Wednesday

I'm super late to the party. It is 11:48pm, so technically, this CAN be a Wednesday post!! Tami hosts Works in Progress Wednesdays. Stop by her blog and take a look at some wonderful knitting projects. I want to cast on EVERYTHING!!

I'm just going to post two pictures today. I'm working on my Tina's Skirt that I showed y'all last week, but since the pattern repeats the length of the skirt, it is hard to tell there is much progress, so I'll wait until I have a "wow" moment to show! My Halloween socks are coming along quite nicely! I've decided to switch patterns-Liat has a new faux short row heel pattern and a knit-a-long going on through her blog, so I'm participating with that-as well as the other two KALS I mentioned last week: Just One More Row and Knitabulls podcasts.

I started a new project too. One of my friends asked me to make a baby hat for a baby shower she will be attending. The due date isn't until February, but I was itching to cast it on! Slightly Twisted Baby Hat by Lara Neel has a unique cuff. It is has a twisted garter edge before you do the ribbing. Knit 5 rows of garter (or is that 2 and a half??) then twist every 4 stitches around the 5 rows as you are knitting a stockinette row. I'm not explaining it very well, but you can check out the tutorial here. (click to download the pdf--the audio of Math4Knitters is an oldie but goodie as well!) It is kind of fun, now that I understand what I was doing!

Thanks for stopping by! I'd love to read your comments. :)

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