Thursday, March 7, 2013

Episode 36 "How Old am I?"

Lessons I'm Learning/Works in Progress
Graphic Infection Shawl by Josh Ryks (Geoknittrix Designs) made with Spartickes Dyes' Liberace Sock   Josh's Podcast: Sword of a Knitter

Keira's Tube Socks--no pattern, don't know the name of the yarn!   Toe up socks, I'm going to knit only in the theater or during knit nights until they are done or Keira makes me stop!

Tardis Socks by Amelie BJ on Woolmeise, a gift from Helen and Peter, in my Girl Cave Bags bag.  Helen's Podcast: Knitting 365

My Eeyore Hat (Donnie's Hat) by Tracey Grzegorczyk made with Spartickes Dyes' Joss Whedon Worsted Base

Wave Capelet by Jennifer Kortfelt made with Spartickes Dyes' Will and Grace Base A personal KAL with Melissa (awesome pattern designer, by the way!!)    Melissa's Podcast: Meltran Designs Knitting Corner

Final Exam/Finished Object
My Favorite Scarf Ever by Lisa Bruce made with Socks that Rock

Souveniers/Stash Enhancement
Jasper from Storied Yarns
Jess is putting on a retreat, and I'll be there!  It is April 26-28, 2013, and it is ONLY $100!!!  Yay!!!  Go to her blog for more information.
Acid Wash from Fiber Addiction
Emily's indiegogo campaign.  Please help her out.  She has some awesome rewards!!

**** Contest*****  Emily also gave me some goodies to give away!!  I have both yarn and fiber, so two of y'all are going to be winners!
1.  Go to her Etsy shop and pick out something that you love.
2.  Go to her Ravelry group and tell us what you picked out!
I will use a RNG to pick out 2 lucky winners.

Phone Call Home/Stuff I'm Lusting Over
Celestarium by Audry Nicklin  Join Kiki's Knitalong!!

Dreambird Kal by Nadita Swings

Bryndis by Corrina Ferguson (picnicknits)
Corrina is also doing a mystery knitalong, starting tomorrow!!  Get the pattern and knit with me!!

Lemonade Stand/Spartickes Dyes
New bases and colorways!
Also, sign up for our yarn club here!

Intro to Film/Movies I've Seen
Side Effects:  LOVED IT!!  Want to watch it again and again.
Identity Thief: Liked it a lot.  I thought it was clever.  And, I want to marry Melissa McCarthy.  It's okay, though, because my husband wants to marry Jason Bateman.
Warm Bodies: Much better than expected.  I now realize that I was getting two movies mixed up in my little review.  I was actually referring to Beautiful Creatures when I compared it to Twilight.  I knew there was another movie I saw!  I liked both movies.  Both movies have to do with teenage romance and mystical type things, so you really can't blame me... :)

Oh, yeah--and ENID is the winner of the Name the Mascot give-away!   Let me know what you want, girl!


  1. I love the beetlejuice merino/bamboo!

  2. knitinrosecity--I am!! I haven't updated in a really long time. My life has been a bit crazy. I'll be back sometime! Thank you so much for watching!!


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